Frequently Asked Questions

Just go to the Services page & choose your preferred service. If your requirements are different from the packages, you can Contact Us.

Redcube Productions is a reliable company. You can believe us even with closed eyes. All of your order information is safe with us. Whatever information you provide us about your company, we keep it confidential. We never share it with any other in any condition. Our clients are all safe with us.

Yes, you'll get all info about your work process, we will update you about the work process every three days. As soon as you order any of our service, one of our team executive will communicate with you about your work process. He or She will be the connective between you and our team and would ask you any of the query related to your order team may have.

It depends on the package. Our timeframe is different for different services. It is your choice that in how much time you want your order to get completed. According to your need, we'll deliver you the work. But one thing is for sure; your order will be completed within the completion time you choose or in Video Services, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX the completion time will be mentioned in the quotation provided by us.

It depends on the package and the content and requirements of your project. We will work on it until you get satisfied with the designs. In Logo Design & Banner Design services , it will be mentioned in the package.
In Video Services, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX will be mentioned in quotation provided by us, after reviewing your project details.

Of Course, we can also modify your old projects and can make it brand new according to your need.

Everyone has their own creativity. And if your creative mind has some idea related to your logo then do share with us. Our designers will try to visualize your creativity in the logo itself. They will make your logo professionally designed.

No, 3 concepts mean 3 different design versions of same brand.

No, you will only get the vector files of last finalized design.

You will get all the standard file formats that are corresponding to a particular project, like eps, jpg, tif, psd, avi, mov, mp4, flv, swf etc. in the final design package. If you need any other format, just tell us. We'll provide you.

You will get all the rights of design after the completion of order. You'll be its legal outright copyright owner. You will be able to trademark the design. We won't have any right on your design.

Even after completion of order, if you have any confusion regarding design or for printing, or for any other service, you can ask us. We'll surely help you in that.
If you have any other queries to ask, kindly Contact Us on support@redcubeproductions.com

For a secure payment transaction , Red Cube use Paypal. Clients who don't have Paypal account can also pay directly via Paypal using their Credit card/Debit card. Secondly Client can also pay directly via bank transfer. Both are easy and secure methods of payment. Still if you have any doubts , you can contact us at payment@redcubeproductions.com